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Grilled codfish

Portion BRL 180.50


When codfish Oven

Portion BRL 193.50

Half portion BRL 115.50


spotted sorubim (PINTADO)

Portion BRL 149.00

Half portion BRL 86.50


grilled spotted sorubim w/ Greek style rice

Portion BRL 162.00

Half portion BRL 97.50


Grilled salmon

Portion BRL 105.00


Grilled Salmon with Vegetables

Portion BRL 133.00


Portuguese sardines (6 pcs.) grilled

With boiled potatoes and mixed salad (for 2 people) Whole R$ 133.00


Grilled trout with Greek rice and mashed potatoes

Portion BRL 140.50

Half portion BRL 85.50

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